Though this is not a comprehensive list, it still covers the most typical hazards that you’ll possibly encounter in each kitchen. For everyone who enters the kitchen, it’s vital to be aware of what to pay attention to and what you can do when the worst happens. Such hazards inevitably occur. In fact, it’s actually good if you have already minorly handled at least one of them. Read this article to know them: 


The knife is the primary tool used in the kitchen. Even the most trained chefs sometimes cut themselves. Hence, it’s important to sharpen knives. Otherwise, a dull knife potentially slips rather than cutting a piece of vegetables or meat properly. If this happens, it can result in a harsh wound in your hand. Moreover, be careful working with cleaning complex appliance and aluminum cans since they are also among the causes of cut injuries that mostly happens to anyone in the kitchen area.  

Loose hair and clothes 

In terms of mixers, clothes and hair must be secured all the time. It only takes a few seconds for any equipment to grab a piece of clothing or hair, which often results in severe injury to the point that it will put anyone in an ambulance. Moreover, it’s essential from a food safety perspective to make sure that the clothes are kept clean and away from food and the hair is covered or tied back during working hours. 


Burns is one of those usual injuries that we get in kitchens. Sometimes, it would need medical attention based on its extent. To avoid injury, you should make sure to placepot and panhandles away from burners all the time. Moreover, expect that each surface is hot to touch, such as the dishwasher since this is one of the spots in kitchens that people unknowingly become burned from. Particularly in a restaurant kitchen, dishwashers actually generate a massive steam amount that tends to burn badly like an open flame.  

Fall and slip 

In a place with continuous usage of sunk and cooking of oil and liquids, the floor is expected to become slippery. The best means to avoid falls is to mop the kitchen floors regularly and using anti-slip mats. Moreover, we also recommend you to use slip-resistant shoes.  


Kitchen fires are something you have to get ready for all the time. Whether it’s an overloaded circuit or a pan that got extremely hot that the oil ignited, you need to be mindful of where your extinguisher is placed and know how to properly use it in case of emergency. Moreover, you must know when not to utilize the extinguisher. Keep in mind that the outcomes of kitchen hazards potentially range from slight bodily injury to extreme medical services. In the event your property got caught in a fire, make sure to use EcoTek Pro – mold, water, fire, smoke restoration services after the fire is out. To book for such services, let us know.